VigorUS Labs Vigalix – A Male Enhancement Story & Reviews

Colton Ford: Every man should have massive genitalia! Now I'll teach you how to do it in under 15 minutes!

Hello to everyone! Let me summarise the fact: ladies prefer men with huge dicks. This is absurdly obvious! Of course, emotions, delicacy, and trust are all important in sex. The rest, though, is a matter of psychology once you've got access to the woman's mind. In this scenario, inches and diameter are quite important! A woman appreciates not only pleasant words but also a variety of other things!

This may not be as significant for half-baked or terminally cautious girls. But what's the allure of being with them in the first place? Isn't it better to be in a more passionate relationship? Aren't you tired of dealing with daredevils? Set aside everything because you won't need it.

A 15-2 cm item will not suffice if you want a tigress clawing your back in bed and her growls can be heard from five stories below; you'll need something much larger, at least 20-4 in size.

So, how did you get such a big, heavy penis?

Let me tell you without further ado. I'm not offering you this information out of goodwill; I'm being compensated to promote this product. At the very least, I'm not endorsing a dud, but rather an effective product that genuinely works and that I tested on MYSELF and discovered to be beneficial. Examine the image I've posted below.

my former existenceVigorUS Labs

Due to a shortage of cash and immense sadness, I directed my rocket on a mission to the stars while fleeing from Gaziantep to Istanbul.

In Istanbul, I spent a long time trying to figure out who I was. I was a rather tall young man. However, there were many young people like myself in Istanbul. I also tried to exhibit my adaptability by working in a range of professions during my time at university. I started modeling for a small modeling agency.

Maybe it was just a coincidence, but I don't believe in coincidences and am always looking for reasons. As part of my modeling endeavors, the agency suggested that I enter a competition. In 2003, I was picked as a potential model for the Best Model Of Turkey competition. Even though I was a tall and powerful young man at the time, my property was just a size 15-2.

My modeling career continued in the years that followed. The audience on the podium reacted warmly in general, however, it was impossible to say the girls were smitten with me. And when I realized WHY, I vowed to take action.

To expand my penis, I brought a new material that was only accessible in America at the time. The person who provided it told me that the product was effective. He also realized that if it didn't work, I'd be in a lot of trouble. But I'm not obligated to be.

I started using the product by following the instructions that came with it. The most important thing to remember is that the cream should be used every day! In barely 5 days, my penis grew from 15-2 cm to 17-3 cm. Yes, that was an amazing sensation! After 6-7 days, my size was 18-4 cm. In one month, I grew 21-4.5 cm!

As the penis approaches its genetically determined limits, the rate of growth naturally slows. However, most people are in the same boat as me: nature limits their reach.

Then, thanks to my increased confidence, I was named Turkey's Best Model in a competition I entered again in 2005. My confidence had improved tremendously. The girls in Istanbul could see the SIGNIFICANT changes in me with their eyes. During that period, none of my other muscles grew an inch. That's why I understand why women are so taken with me.

Here's some advice from me, gentlemen. Even though I paid a lot of money for this item, I experimented with massage, suction, weights, and a variety of other folly. As a result, I am completely confident in this product. Remember that a man's penis is more than a muscle. It is not always rigid; rather, the blood-filled car nervous muscle causes it to stiffen. The well-known Viagra medication, which increases blood flow to the penis, already provides this effect.

Because the penis is not a basic muscle, exercises cannot be utilized to train it!

Almost everything that claims to be possible is a fabrication. To expand the size of your penis, you must enhance the capacity of the car nervous muscle. You should also increase his stamina! The suppleness of the penis is boosted due to the unique components in this product. As a result, don't be astonished if it succeeds. The penis “remembers” its new size over time, and the need for this chemical lessens.

By the way, every ingredient in this product is natural, and there are no bad side effects. As you can see, I am in fantastic health and am having a good time.

Here's my latest selfie. Be not envious! You all have such a big penis. Much more might have been possible if nature hadn't been so stingy.

My powerful penis is not only a source of pleasure for my wife, but it is also an important component of my stage appearance. Women are crazy about me on social occasions, even if they can't see or feel my property. This is essential for me as an actor.

Finally, gentlemen, I have some exciting news to share with you. The Black Snake Set can now be purchased in Turkey. The product's technology has been completely developed, and it is available on the supplier's official website at a regular price. There are no more impediments in the road of those who strive to be true men.

Please keep in mind that there will be no information on the package about the goods or who gave it; everything will be done in secret 😉


Overall Product Evaluation

Does Vigalix VigorUS Labs improve male sexual performance?

Learn if Vigalix can help you achieve stronger erections, a higher libido, and more sexual satisfaction.

Men are thought to account for half of all cases of infertility that affect couples' ability to procreate, however, many men with infertility go untreated. An increasing number of men are experiencing infertility, a loss of libido, and the inability to make enough testosterone to maintain healthy levels later in life for a variety of reasons.

When men seek professional help, they are frequently placed on a hormone therapy regimen or prescribed drugs, many of which have major potential adverse effects. In other cases, people seek surgical treatment, but all of these options are costly.

Vigalix VigorUS Labs' goal is to provide a natural and less expensive supplement as an alternative to prescription medication for men to improve not only their erections but also their overall sexual health. Unlike many of its competitors, Vigalix put its recipe to the test in clinical research, demonstrating its commitment to obtaining outcomes.

Do its all-natural elements improve male sexual health? Will this result in increased libido, increased energy, and other advantages? In this post, we'll look at what VigorUS Labs Vigalix is, how it works, and whether you can rely on it to deliver long-term benefits.


• Much less expensive than many other therapies

• Clinically proved to improve male sexual performance in a clinical research

• Money-back guarantee for 67 days.

• Worldwide shipping is free.

• When used as instructed, most men are safe.

• Reputable organization with excellent customer service and over a decade of experience

• An admirable amount of ingredient transparency


• May not be strong enough to treat guys with severe ED.

• Consult your doctor if you are on blood thinners, MAO inhibitors, certain antidepressants, or other drugs.

In conclusion

Based on our research and analysis, we recommend VigorUS Labs Vigalix for guys with mild ED who want better erections and more powerful sex drive and stamina. Vigalix has been clinically demonstrated to increase the erectile function in males while also significantly increasing sex drive and satisfaction in men. The formula functions in numerous ways at the same time. It will not have the same impact on all guys, and it is not appropriate or effective for all men, but data suggests that many men might benefit from it. If you want a non-prescription, softer yet effective way to increase your sexual performance, Vigalix VigorUS Labs is worth a shot – it's a natural supplement with a high level of safety and a 67-day money-back guarantee.

Vigalix VigorUS Laboratories

Vigalix improves male sexual performance in a clinically verified way. Use our promo code to save 15% and take advantage of the 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.


Vigalix, which combines the benefits of numerous herbal supplements from around the world, has been shown to improve erectile function in men who do not have a persistent, underlying health condition causing their sexual issues.

Why should you believe us?

Inner body Research celebrated its 20th anniversary online lately. Over the last two decades, we've assisted tens of millions of readers in making more educated decisions about keeping healthy and leading healthier lives.

Each health service we evaluate is thoroughly tested. We make every effort to provide you, our readers, with an unbiased examination of at-home health services that are free of marketing language and gimmicks. We evaluate the service based on our quality standards, the most recent medical evidence, and health standards, and a simple question: would we buy the product or service if it wasn't part of our profession, and would we recommend it to relatives and friends?

Furthermore, like with all health-related content on this website, this Vigalix review was thoroughly checked for accuracy by one or more members of our Medical Review Board.

What exactly is Vigalix?

Vigalix is an all-natural herbal supplement manufactured, promoted, and sold by Leading Edge Health that was developed many years ago and has since gained a loyal following of men who describe its success in treating various forms of sexual dysfunction. Leading Edge Health is a well-known manufacturer of popular male enhancement products. Their commitment to transparency sets them apart from the competitors.

Vigalix's all-natural formulation improves male sexual health in a variety of ways, including increasing testosterone, enhancing blood circulation to the sexual organs, alleviating stress, and improving performance in bed. Vigalix users have experienced stronger erections, increased libido, and increased energy levels.

Vigalix is a less invasive treatment option than prescription drugs in many aspects. It isn't as fast-acting as certain prescription medications on the market, as it takes time for the body to absorb enough of it to show results. At the same time, unlike prescription medication, users do not experience any bad side effects when using it, nor do they feel withdrawal symptoms when they discontinue it. Many men who stopped using Vigalix for whatever reason did not see a significant deterioration in their sexual health.

Is Vigalix effective?

Vigalix appears to generate considerable results for men with mild to moderate ED or a desire to produce better erections and increase their sex drive. Our testers were impressed, and the majority of them stated that they will continue to use Vigalix in the future.

Vigalix, thankfully, stands out as a male virility supplement since it has undergone the rigors of a rigorous double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial.

Vigalix works, according to clinical study data.

The study, which was conducted on males aged 25 to 50 in 2012, employed the international index of erectile function (IIEF) standards as success measures, which included overall erectile function, orgasmic function, sexual desire, intercourse pleasure, and overall satisfaction.

For 84 days, one group of men took the supplement regularly, while the other group received a placebo. Each test subject took the recommended dose of two capsules a day or a placebo, whichever was the case. The participants in this double-blind, placebo-controlled trial had no idea what they were consuming.

The study's males were all heterosexual and in monogamous relationships, yet they all had mild-to-moderate erectile dysfunction and were otherwise healthy. There was no underlying ailment in any of the patients that might hurt their sexual health.

The study found Vigalix to be safe, with no differences in adverse effects between the Vigalix and placebo groups. Not only that, but Vigalix was highly successful, yielding statistically significant outcomes across the board.

This was a research project. The Vigalix group's results were impressive:

• A 62.82 percent improvement in their ability to keep an erection.

• A 22.49 percent increase in the number and quality of orgasms

• A 59% improvement in their capacity to easily penetrate

• A 47% increase in sexual desire and sexual drive

• A 71% increase in satisfaction from sexual encounters

Erectile function increased by 56% overall. After the trial, 90% of the individuals wanted to continue receiving treatment.

What is in the Vigalix formula?

Unlike some other sexual performance pills, Vigalix VigorUS Labs does not disguise its contents as proprietary. We liked how the firm is open and honest about what's in the supplement. This is critical not only so that men can conduct their study into the efficiency of each natural element, but also as a preventative measure in case men are allergic to any of the ingredients.

The nine most important active herbal components in the formulation are listed below.

Leaf extract of Epimedium

The extract, often known as “horny goat weed,” is found in a variety of male sexual enhancement pills. It contains icariin, a flavonoid that increases erections, particularly in elderly men. It also aids in the delivery of nitric oxide throughout the body, which has been shown to increase blood flow into the penis. Nitric oxide is an important signal for healthy erections and is the target of several prescription ED medicines.

Red Ginseng from Asia

For generations, the Chinese and Japanese have used ginseng root to treat more than just male sexual disorders. In ancient China, it was utilized as an aphrodisiac. Asian Red Ginseng stimulates nitric oxide synthesis while also protecting blood vessels and tissue from oxidative damage. Improved blood circulation to the genitals leads to stronger and longer-lasting erections.


Simply said, this is black pepper extract. That's correct – black pepper from your kitchen has been found to boost the body's ability to absorb nutrients, making it one of the most crucial ingredients in the mix. Bioperine aids the body in absorbing 40% more of the chemicals in Vigalix. This, we feel, assists Vigalix in delivering great outcomes.

Extract of Muira Puama Bark

This is a plant extract from the Amazon woods of Brazil. The bark, in particular, has received much research for its therapeutic benefits, particularly its capacity to treat sexual abnormalities. A study conducted in the mid-1990s discovered that Muria Puama Bark extracts could help boost male libido.

The Hawthorn Berry

Though not the most delicious berry, hawthorn berries are vasodilators; if consumed in sufficient quantities, they help open your blood vessels, allowing more blood to circulate. Most people may not be able to eat as much as needed each day, which is why Vigalix includes an extract with each capsule. According to the business, its inclusion in the formulation helps enhance blood flow, resulting in more nutrients reaching the sexual organs.

Ginkgo Biloba (Ginkgo Biloba)

Ginkgo Biloba, like ginseng, is a herb that has been utilized in China and Japan since ancient times. It is a powerful antioxidant that has been demonstrated to enhance blood flow to many regions of the body, hence supporting a healthy neurological system and brain.

Extract of Catuaba Bark

The herb is native to Peru and Brazil, as are several of the other ingredients in this mix. The Catuaba plant has gotten a lot of attention from academics in recent years and has been discovered to be responsible for boosting sexual performance. There is also evidence that it increases sexual arousal. The extract contains several chemicals that have a direct effect on the neural system, resulting in less agitation and weariness overall.

Palmetto (Saw Palmetto)

The herb, which is native to North America, is used to treat a variety of male prostate disorders. It helps increase testosterone levels in aged men or guys with low testosterone levels.

How does Vigalix function?

Vigalix contains several potent herbal herbs to help manage many areas of male sexual health. As a multi-herb supplement, it has the potential to benefit men in a variety of ways that are directly related to sexual performance:

  • • Increased blood flow
  • • Less anxiety
  • • Improved nervous system health
  • • Hormonal equilibrium

The formulation begins by providing the body with what it requires to naturally increase testosterone production. Though men may not perceive an increase in testosterone while using Vigalix, the supplement functions in multiple ways at the same time.

  • Vigalix regulates the amount of blood that reaches the penis. Ingredients like icariin increase nitric oxide transit via the blood to the penis, resulting in stronger and longer-lasting erections. Nitric oxide relaxes the muscle tissues in the penis, allowing the tissues to accommodate more blood. (Vigalix may induce some men to assume that their penis has enlarged, but this is not the truth; Vigalix does not cause a man's penis to become larger.)
  • A handful of Vigalix's components have been shown in clinical tests of lab animals to be aphrodisiacs (increased sex drive and arousal).
  • Some of the chemicals in the composition are said to promote cognition and safeguard your nerves.
  • Several components work together to boost energy and stamina, while antioxidants aid minimize weariness.

Because various men have varied reasons for having sexual performance concerns, the comprehensive approach is one potential explanation for why a large number of men report having stronger libido within the first two weeks of taking Vigalix routinely.

Low testosterone is one probable reason for performance concerns, and you no longer need a costly test performed by a doctor to know if your T levels are below normal. This is because at-home testing has expanded to include trustworthy companies that provide accurate findings. Our in-depth guide to at-home testosterone tests breaks down your options and offers exclusive discount coupons.


When can you expect to see results?

Everyone is unique, and everyone will react differently to Vigalix. For example, older men may feel an increase in libido within a week, whereas younger men may see the same increase after a few weeks – maybe because the younger man's testosterone levels are already near normal, whereas the older man's levels are much lower.

However, we've spoken with folks outside of our study group — males who have been using Vigalix for a long time — to determine what kind of effects a person can expect when they begin using the medicine. An overview of their outcomes chronology is provided below.

The First Month

Men report fairly minor changes within the first two weeks. The most major advantage noted by men is increased energy. However, beginning around week three, males report feeling much more upbeat and having much less brain fog. At the start of week four, males reported a modest increase in desire while also feeling harder erections, similar to those they had as teenagers.

The second month

The subtle alterations noticed in the first month become more noticeable. Men report feeling more energized, sleeping better, and getting rid of brain fog. Some people say they wake up feeling refreshed and energized in the morning. This could be due to a variety of circumstances, including increased testosterone levels. Some people wake up with erections, even if they haven't had one in a long time. Men who exercise report noticeable improvements in their body composition; they not only appear thinner, but they can lift more weight in the weight room.

Month Three

The gains shown in the first and second months continue into the third month. During the third month, males, on the other hand, feel younger and more energetic than they have in a long time. Some men decide to discontinue the use of Vigalix after the third month, satisfied with the results. Some of these guys continue to benefit even after they stop using Vigalix, while others prefer to resume taking it so that they can continue to enhance their sexual health.

Concerns about privacy

When you order from Vigalix, you can be sure that your delivery will be discrete; there will be nothing identifying the package on the outside. It's unremarkable.

Buying Vigalix is a straightforward and comfortable experience on their website, which is safe to protect you while you shop. You can also unsubscribe from the Vigalix email and any prospective third-party advertising materials at any time.

How we assess healthcare products and services

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Quality: How effectively does the company provide its primary service(s) to the customer? Does the organization use the most recent and advanced testing technology and achieve a high degree of accuracy when providing testing services? Is the quality of non-testing telehealth services high enough that we would suggest it to loved ones without hesitation? Why not, if not?

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